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Welcome to Scarafaggio's Pest Control Information Site!


RoboForm: Learn more... is dedicated to providing free, accurate, and objective information about pests and their control.

We are not a pest control company and we do not provide pest control services. We simply provide unbiased pest control information that is accurate to the best of our knowledge to help you become a more educated consumer.

If this is your first visit to our site, then we strongly advise you to also visit the EPA Pesticide Information site, which has a wide variety of resources relating to pesticides and pesticide safety.

If you are interested in a career in pest control, please click here.

Please note that because the owner of this site lives in the United States, the treatment information is specific to this country; but the information about the biology of the pests described should be the same wherever the pests in question are found.

You'll be happy to know that does not allow pop-up, pop-under, or other intrusive advertising on our site.


About This Revision

This site has existed since 1999, although it originally was on another domain. It has been revised several times since I first wrote it. This revision, in June of 2020, made the following improvements and changes to the site:

Thank you for visiting. I hope you like the new and improved


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