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Do-it-Yourself Pest Bird Control

Environmental and Non-Chemical Bird Control


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Effective bird control begins with non-chemical measures to exclude birds from sensitive areas and to make a property less attractive to birds. This includes securing any sources of food the birds may be eating such as dumpsters and garbage pails.

Done properly, non-chemical bird control is both safer and more permanent than using chemicals. But it does require working on ladders or scaffolds and can be dangerous, so many people prefer to call a professional rather than trying do-it-yourself bird control.

If you do decide to do your own pest bird control, make sure to take all necessary safety precautions including wearing a safety helmet and using a properly-secured safety harness to protect yourself from falls.

Non-chemical bird-control measures include:

Obviously, when implementing bird-exclusion, make sure the birds are out of the building before sealing it up. You don't want to seal them into the building.

Chemical Bird Control

In most cases, non-chemical measures are all that are needed to manage bird problems. But sometimes chemical control is also needed.

Chemical control falls into two broad categories:

  1. Bird repellant gels. These products usually are applied with a caulking gun or to ledges, rain gutters, and other places where pest birds tend to perch and roost. They don't kill the birds. They simply repel them.

  2. Avicides, which are poisons designed either to temporarily make birds ill so they leave a given area (they associate their illness with the treated area), or to outright kill them. All the avicides of which I am aware are restricted pesticides and are available only to licensed pest control operators.

Other Novel Approaches to Bird Pest Control

Birds can create a nuisance in all sorts of situations, and many novel and unique approaches to bird control have been tried -- with varying degrees of success. For example:


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